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Technology has brought lot of changes in our lives, and most of them are positive.

For example in the contact center space, advancements in technology have helped in bringing VoIP to our desktops and ultimately laptops. You must be wondering “How technology is related to a call center?” and “How call center is different from a contact center?” 

Now, a call center is just not limited to inbound & outbound calls, it has diversified into various other offerings like Multi Channel Support (voice, text chat, e-mail, SMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business applications. Hence, these new technologies enable the transition of call centers to contact centers.

A contact center promises bottom and top-line competitive advantage, driving organizations to take advantage of these innovations. Only few established service providers are able to compete in this new environment. The contact center architecture is restructured on the basis of technology innovation and multiple service offerings.

A Contact Center houses and implements myriad technologies; call routing engines, databases, dialers, phone systems, analytics and reporting tools – just to name a few. Usually, these tools are interconnected using various protocols that provide integration under the form of CTI (Computer/Telephone Integration).  This integration has enabled contact centers to provide services of transactional nature, by merging customer databases into outbound dialing campaigns; enabling “screen pops” for agents handling incoming customer calls; capturing sales trends and close ratios for agents while mapping this to customer detail. 

A multi-functional contact center is designed to offer advantages across key areas:

• Customer interactions

• Advanced routing

Multi-channel services

• Agent productivity

• Scalability

• Extensibility

• Protection of traditional methods

To remain competitive, organizations should migrate effectively from traditional call center to the advanced, multi channel contact center.

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The 21st century professional is always on the move – breakfast with a prospect, lunch at a seminar and a de-brief with boss at the office – all in a day’s work for the new age go-getter. Does he have time to pay attention to ergonomics? Most of us would shrug at this question – who has time to think about ergonomics in this race for professional superiority, but all of us would welcome the idea of replicating the office desktop environment on a PDA or mobile phone – anything to do away with the company’s laptop!

Things are already looking up with the new genie of technology called portable personality work environment – a boon for workers on the move. Gartner predicts that by 2012, 50% of traveling workers will do away with their laptops in favor of more handy mobile devices. Going by this prediction, there is a genuine need for a solution that can seamlessly deliver a user’s preferred work environment, independent of location and specific hardware devices. The portable personality work environment does just that – it is a set of solutions that de-couples workers on the move from the dependency of a specific workstation or PC and allows them to recreate their preferred work environment (personality) across a gamut of devices and locations. It allows the user to put all the elements of their preferred work environment into a virtual basket and carry it with them or store it on a remote server or the Web. And, when the user needs his work environment, the portable personality can be used on a separate PC, notebook, PDA or cell phone.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that the user is not required to learn any “webified” applications and there are no programs that need to be installed on the remote device. Even the employers can smile – they do not have to invest in VPN hardware or integrate with servers to use this service. All in all, this technology solution augurs well for the employee on the move as well as his/ her employer. This technology is still in its infancy and once security risk road-bumps have been taken care of, it’s going to be a smooth ride for the pro on the move.

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