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Today outsourcing landscape is going through a massive transition. There are number of factors contributing to this transition, which include political and business environmental changes.

Many companies are now identifying outsourcing as a strategic initiative to increase sales and reduce operational costs. To accomplish their strategic goals, companies are opting for vendors who can provide them various delivery models- onshore, offshore and remote agent. Further more, vendors need to be innovative technology providers, such that they can aid in increasing revenues.

To meet client expectations, service providers should focus on providing innovative solutions that will help them in optimizing cost and increase bottom line growth. Many vendors are adopting global delivery model to meet client expectations, however only companies with a strong technology teams are able to automate internal processes to increase efficiency. In addition to this, vendors are also deploying IVR, SMS and CRM solutions.

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Swine flu – a threat for most service providers

First came the Bird flu, and now the Swine flu – currently the hottest topic of discussion both online and offline across the world. Thanks to the medical fraternity’s simplistic approach in naming these diseases, they are spoken about and written about world over – one had its genesis in Asia while the other in Mexico; one got the birds while the other targeted the four-legged swines – people who work in poultries presumably run the risk of getting infected first – literally. Both are highly contagious diseases and travelers once again are the easiest carriers. Economies world over, are on a red alert to restrict the spread of these outbreaks and governments are busy issuing travel notices to their citizens advising them to avoid any sort of travel to these affected regions.

It is during such blips in our day-to-day lives that businesses realize the susceptibility of their business models. Business minds go ticking fearing their workforce getting affected by these diseases, leading to a lot of speculative number crunching – and why not – for fears might just become realities. To put things into perspective, imagine the loss of face a service provider might have to live up with, if its delivery location in Mexico shuts down. Employees there, very rightly, might not want to travel to their work places due to the contagious nature of these diseases and might not show up for work.

As an alternative to this dilemma, service providers who have the wherewithal to provide employees with an option to work at home, thus eliminating the risk of catching this nuisance while commuting, are not only better equipped to counter this threat but also consolidate their relationship with the client. In this regard, a handful of service providers are busy professing why a home sourced delivery model is the next most ideal phenomenon after globalization. Their stand is simple – Home sourcing effectively minimizes external risks and maximizes productivity.

Traditional service providers will need to burn their tyres on the road to include home based working model as a part of their overall service delivery framework. Buyers need to be assured of business continuity at all times and vendors with flexible delivery models will most effectively drive home this point…after all a test of fire makes best steel!

With the entire world collectively formulating strategies to counter this threat, businesses could also do their bit by being proactive and not just reactive.

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