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Margins and volumes play a key role in determining future of any business. The first organized attempt to achieve higher volumes through automation was done by none other than Henry Ford. He helped many consumers realize their dream of switching from raw horse power to brake horse power. As a visionary, he knew what mass production could do to consumerism & consumerism to the overall business. Ironically, it’s this same logic which BPOs have now embraced to significantly make a difference with their consumers – the buyers.

Assembly lines in the manufacturing industry have been converted to today’s workforce management tools in BPOs, which ensures maximum productivity translating into higher volumes at a reduced cost. The numbers geeks have given way to highly mature business intelligence tools. Hosted applications like On Demand Call Centers allow you to run your business without having to re-invent the wheel, while work from home applications take your business right to the employee’s door-step. Evolution of business seems to have no limits and those pushing the limits are the ones defining the new business landscape. Buyers no longer want to be associated with vendors having a non-existent rigor for innovation. Vendors who continue to stick their head in the sand will be reduced to non-entities in the long run.

Indian service providers fortunately have risen up to this challenge and are fast adopting and developing new tools and techniques to further automate their client’s processes. No wonder – many of their global counterparts are feeling the heat

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According to NASSCOM, the Indian ITeS-BPO industry has entered into Phase II of Evolution (i.e. moving from potential to performance). BPO companies today are continuously posed with various challenges as well as stiff competition in their markets – be it international or domestic. The clients demand an ever-increasing array of technology products and services, while expecting highest levels of quality and service delivery. Vendors have now started looking beyond contract fulfillment to identify opportunities for delivering high quality support to end-customers, hence focusing on long term growth. They are investing in technology to ensure high output resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

While there is so much that a BPO vendor manages, here is what I feel is most important for them as a company-Customer Interaction Management..

If not less, these companies manage close to millions of customer contacts every month. Hence, they need to monitor every single interaction with the customers and maintain a centralized database simultaneously. Earlier, for outsourced projects, traditional BPO service providers used a CRM solution or related application provided by the client to handle customer interactions. Today on the contrary, they use a CIM solution featuring multiple channels of communication. This provides a 360 degree interaction capability irrespective of the channel being used. Cross-trained agents work seamlessly to resolve customer queries and handle customer interactions not only by phone but also by email, chat and SMS on 24/7 basis.

Since the cost of acquiring a new customer is always higher than the cost of retaining an old one, so implementing such a solution is indispensible

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